strawberry og hash


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2 reviews for strawberry og hash

  1. Micheal

    We were definitely “wowed” by the aroma that this Colorado-born cross possessed, as it was extremely pungent and reminded us of some of the best coffee-chocolate Bubbas we’ve had. There were notes of smokey bourbon, anise, and a backing sharp chemmy quality that came out post-grind, making this one of the most complex aromas we’ve encountered in some time. If you’re a fan of the dank, spicy smells of Bubba Kush, this strain will likely surpass most examples of pure Bubba in your mind’s eye, as it has in ours.

  2. Anne

    A balanced experience that changes according to harvest timing (late harvest produces more of an Indica-like, heavy experience), BUY WEED NEW ZEALAND IS ALL LEGIT…known for being very potent overall. The Sativa attributes keep it from being too heavy and narcotic, but there’s plenty of body effect and relaxation to go around. Appetite stimulation and muscle relaxation are the main medical properties in our experience.

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strawberry og hash

strawberry og hash

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